Introduction to Broken Bodies Yoga

DSCF0009Welcome to my blog on living your practice of yoga. I have been teaching yoga for 28 years to all ages of students, in all manner of places. Over the years my teaching methods have shifted and evolved as my life journey moved me from country to country, state to state, community to community, until for the moment I have come to this place, this point in my life.

I have learned patience from my personal practice of yoga, but also from guiding others to respect and listen to what their body is willing and able to give at a specific moment. We learn patience together, and tolerance, kindness, compassion, generosity, contentment, passion, self-knowledge and the inevitable surrender to the Divine.

Human nature can seem so predictable, yet in each of the thousands of classes I have taught I am always surprised by how the human spirit reacts when confronted with challenges. A deeper consciousness awakens, there ignites a sudden spark of recognition, a flash of understanding, a movement of such purity and courage that it takes my breath away in its beauty. I have also witnessed the fear and defeat in the eyes of those suddenly brought face to face with themselves and their limitations. A fear so great that they must move on to something less confronting and revealing of the self.

Most of all it is the courage it takes to confront our broken bodies that moves me so deeply. America, as a culture, is broken in mind, body and spirit; but we have such a determination and strength of spirit that we can persevere and take the steps towards change. Yoga is the tool we have been gifted to better make those changes.

First you must honor your body’s limitations, weaknesses, broken places, before you can begin to change them; but once you do the incredible intelligence of the human body will transform, can heal, mend, renew in ways you never thought possible.

And that is the true lesson of Yoga, that all things are possible once we quiet the ego centered brain and hear the music of our deeper Self speaking the truth.


One response to “Introduction to Broken Bodies Yoga

  1. I read your this introduction story.It is really very nice to read it & encouraged me to do Yoga. Though I do it but not so dedicated .It relly made me to think again.

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