Hawking’s No God

Looking for God

Hong Kong, 2014
Finally there is protest in the streets
A thousand people carrying signs
Chanting to be heard, to be seen
To let the powerful know they can
Be unseated by 300,000 people
In the street carrying signs.

Dallas, October 1, 2014
Ebola enters the country in a tired
Business man returning from Africa
He vomits on the medical team
Come to pick up the middle age
African who lied to return home
To vomit Ebola virus over the US of A.

Elsewhere, war intensifies in Iraq
Syria melts beneath the hatred
War criminals are given 10 hours to plead
Nine hours and fifty-nine minutes longer then
They gave thousands of fathers, sons, brothers
Before they executed them just for being.

Human beings exhibit terrier qualities
Need to chew, kill, then play
Can we recognize ourselves in the
Reflection of love in a dog’s eyes
We who still feel worthy of such devotion?

War rages and we turn a blind eye
To the suffering of children starving
Of women being raped and mutilated
Of the Divine Feminine crying for mercy
Has the world gone mad and are we alone?

Hawking states there is no God
That existence is bits of science
Layers of chaos and calm, chaos
And calm, chaos and calm and
One day science will find the magic
Formula to prove there is no God.

Which God, whose God, what God
Does he mean when he says God
I would like to ask him, sit by him
All curled up in a shrinking body
His mind expanding beyond the universe
What Intelligence designed your mind, Stephen?

Meanwhile, the rain falls here
But not there, in the West
There is no water, dry as a bone
And one day people will come
Looking for water the same way
They cross borders looking for
Safety from persecution, from
Thugs murdering the weak and
Plundering the gold, pirates as of
Old on the high seas of finance.

Krishna would say to Arjuna
You cannot sit and do nothing
Arjuna, though they be brother,
Uncle, friend, you must move with
Decisive action and defend against
That which threatens total destruction.

But Arjuna is conflicted and wants
To be the nice guy, the conscientious pacifist
Wants to sit with his enemy family
Come to conquer his tribe and discuss
Over wine the implications of war and
The destruction of an entire species.

And they laugh at him, Krishna laughs
At him, silently behind the mask of
Guru, teacher, Enlightened Being
Who am I, who asks who I am
Krishna steps in, Hawking’s no God
To talk some sense into the boy
Of course you will fight but how
And in what way you must allow to unfold.


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