The evolution of yoga in America has been molded by women and men, some who have studied in India and others who have read the texts, practiced on themselves and followed a spiritual path guided by intuition, determination, courage and love. What we see today in yoga studio’s, spa’s and gyms across the country is a broad mix of yoga styles that focus primarily on physical exercises that address the limitations of the human body.  It may or may not be what first arrived on our shores some 50 years ago, but it has most definitely adapted to the American mentality and been twisted into some pretty interesting shapes.

I have been a yoga practitioner and teacher for over 30 years now. It has brought me through the evolution of my own life and has enabled me to assist the transformation of so many other lives. In the course of my journey I have come to see how Ha-Tha Yoga has been changed and adapted by the Western body-mind; and how the Western body-mind has been changed by the practice of yoga. No matter how much we attempt to strip the spiritual core from the practice the connection to the Divine is always inherent in the doing and will ultimately touch your heart and soul.

Through observation and experience I have come to see that America, as a culture, is broken in mind, body and spirit; and yet we have such determination and strength of spirit that we can persevere and take the steps towards change. I see the practice of yoga as the tool we have been gifted to better make those changes. To best follow this blog begin where all good stories do, at the beginning with the first post, Introduction to Broken Bodies Yoga. Your comments and insights are always welcome, so feel free to share your yoga experience with us; and thanks for reading.


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  1. I love your blog, but it is sooo hard on the eyes – white text on dark grey. Please do some research on this (don’t just take my word for it!) and change the colors to make this more readable! I can’t read more than just 4 or 5 paragraphs without taking a break for my eyes! Thank you for a wonderful blog and thank you for considering my suggestion!

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